• Andamur and Endesa X Way have once again chosen a strategic location in Spain for this installation: the Andalucian highway (A-IV), one of the six radial highways in Spain, part of the European Route E-5, and the main route between the centre and the south of the country. The new EV charging station is located in our Andamur Guarromán Service Area, at km. 288, between Bailén and Guarromán (Jaén).
  • In the charging area, there are 8 electrified spaces with 350 kW ultra-fast chargers, allowing the battery needed to travel 100km to be charged in an estimated time of between just 3 and 10 minutes.
  • This new charging area is the second ultra-fast charging hub that we have installed together (we inaugurated La Junquera in February) and the fourth installation in total that Endesa X Way has carried out in our Service Areas.
  • For Andamur, this partnership with Endesa X Way represents an important advance in our strategy based on offering our customers multi-energy service areas, responding to the demand for new energy solutions for sustainable mobility.
  • As part of its charging infrastructure development plan, Endesa X Way has already deployed over 3,000 charging points in Spain for all technologies.


Together with   Endesa X Way, Endesa’s new electric mobility business line, and Andamur,  we have today inaugurated a new area for ultra-fast charging with 1.4 TW of total power across 4 chargers of 350 kW each, the maximum power that currently exists in the electric transport sector. The Service Area chosen for this new EV charging station once again has a  strategic location in Spain: the Andalucian highway (A-IV), one of the six radial highways in Spain, part of the European Route E-5, and the main route between the centre and the south of the country. The new charging station is located specifically in the Andamur Guarromán Service Area, at km. 288 of the A-IV, between the municipalities of Bailén and Guarromán (Jaén), right at the Despeñaperros pass.


The opening ceremony was attended by Alberto Rubio, Mayor of Guarromán; Luis Miguel Carmona Ruiz, minister for Employment and Business of ​​Jaén Provincial Council; Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur; Antonio Alcaraz, director of international expansion and business development at Andamur; Elena Bernárdez, CEO of Endesa X Way; and Manuel Muñoz, director of public electric mobility infrastructure at Endesa X.


In this regard, Alberto Rubio, mayor of Guarromán stated that “the implementation of this charging station in Andamur Guarromán reinforces the importance of this location on the Spanish logistics map”. Likewise, “Puerta de Andalucía and specifically Guarromán are the main crossing points of the main routes at a national level. Our equidistance between Madrid and the south of Spain makes this an interesting location for transport and service companies and this inauguration, together with the previous ones in which Andamur has been a pioneer, confirm this”.


Luis Miguel Carmona, minister for Employment and Business at Jaén Provincial Council commented that “we are at the headquarters of Andamur, a company that provides an important fuel service, and today we are here to implement new electric charging at a super-fast level. This is about ensuring that any user with an electric vehicle can refuel almost as quickly as a regular fuelled car, as we know it today”.


He also explained that “Andamur, and also Endesa X Way, are firmly committed to this cause, and with significant co-financing from the European Union they can carry out projects to implement this important innovation here in the province of Jaén . This is just the second to be implemented in the whole of Spain, and these two companies know that this is a strategic location, so it is a service that can be offered with a guarantee. So on behalf of Jaén Provincial Council, we congratulate and applaud these two companies. We are clear that when synergies are created between public and private institutions, something positive is always generated; opportunities, wealth, a new service implemented in our province and, of course, employment.” .


Elena Bernárdez, General Manager of Endesa X Way, Endesa’s new exclusive electric mobility division, commented that “we continue to work to make electric mobility easier for all users, implementing charging infrastructure so that customers can charge where they want, not just where they can. And of course they want to charge in cities, wherever they go on a daily basis; car parks, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, but also when travelling on the road. So we are championing ultra-fast charging that allows users to be confident to make long-distance journeys. This new installation in Guarromán is another example of how we adapt our activity to the needs of each location and we are delighted with our partnership with Andamur in this regard”.


Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur stated that, “with the installation of this 350kW Endesa X Way ultra-fast charging hub, we have met a new milestone which reinforces our vision. Located in Guarromán, a strategic road transport area in Andalusia, it complements the facilities that we already have in our Service Areas in La Junquera, San Román and Pamplona. Our company’s commitment to innovation and the environment is one of the pillars that our strategy has been based on in recent years. In addition, we contribute to making the electric vehicle customer experience in our Service Areas increasingly similar to that of a conventional vehicle. At Andamur, we are specialised in haulage and heavy vehicles, and our agreement with Endesa X Way is based on promoting our commitment to sustainable mobility in our Service Areas, also offering the best facilities to electric vehicle users.


This new charging hub will allow up to 8 vehicles to be charged simultaneously thanks to its 4 ultra-fast technology stations (350 kW). Each station has two connectors (two hoses) that meet the CCS Combo European charging standard. The power of these facilities allows the battery needed to travel 100km to be recharged in an estimated time of between just 3 and 10 minutes, depending on the charging power of the electric vehicle and the percentage of battery remaining at the time of recharging. Any electric vehicle that uses this type of charger will be able to use the new facilities, however the characteristics of the particular car will determine the power and the charging speed, at which they can be used.


The facility installed in Andamur Guarromán is the second ultra-fast charging hub that we have installed together (we inaugurated Andamur La Junquera in February) and the fourth installation in total that Endesa X Way has carried out in our Service Areas, of a total of five initially planned. Two more are planned based on the agreement that both companies signed in 2019. Along with Guarromán and La Junquera, the other Andamur Service Areas where we have charging infrastructure are Andamur San Román (Álava) and Andamur Pamplona in Transport City (Navarra).


How to use the chargers?


The reservation, use, and payment of the service can be managed quickly and easily through the Endesa X Juicepass app. Users simply have to download the app on their mobile in order to manage the charging of their electric vehicle directly from their phone (payment, bookings up to 15 minutes in advance, etc.), also accessing rates adapted to all users, with monthly charging tariffs and pay-per-use tags, to pay only for what they use


The app is available on iOs and Android and the user can register directly from their Facebook or Google account, or with an email address. In addition, by registering, users can enjoy preferential  rates for top-ups thanks to the existing top-up rates; and can create their own account with preferences and payment methods, which will assist future top-ups. The registration process to use the app is optional, and users can also choose to use it without registration, paying directly with their card through the app.


Charging throughout Spain


The Endesa X Way charging network has almost 3,000 public access charging points located in cities, rural areas, and motorways. All main motorways are now covered, with over 400 charging points already in operation, thanks to agreements such as the one signed with Andamur. The goal of Endesa X Way is to continue installing chargers at all powers, a plan that considers all customer usage habits and charging powers. In addition to ultra-fast and fast charging, Endesa X Way is investing in installations in hospitals, hotels, car parks, cinemas, restaurants, and shopping centres, where average length of stay is over two hours. The development of electric mobility is one of the fundamental pillars in Endesa’s strategic plan, presented to the market at the end of last year.


Andamur and sustainable mobility


Our commitment to the environment and sustainable mobility is clear. We work to offer our customers the energy that they need, both now and in the future. Traditional fuel, NGV, and Electricity are options that our customers can now in some of our multi-energy Service Areas. We are the first company in the sector to obtain the Carbon Footprint Verification. We are committed to Green Hydrogen in our search for new forms of alternative energy, being founding members of AHMUR, the Sectorial Association of Green Hydrogen for the Region of Murcia.