Like every 8th March since 2019, at Andamur we want to make the work of female truck drivers more visible for International Women’s Day. That’s why, for the 4th year running, we are launching the #I’mAFemaleTruckDriver campaign, under the slogan “Strong, Able, Truck Drivers: WOMEN”.

Although the professional transport sector is mostly made up of men, more and more women are choosing this profession to become professional drivers and fight against gender inequalities. According to data from the European Commission Women in Transport-EU Platform for Change, 22% of transport professionals in Europe are women.

Andamur and International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day and our commitment to equality and the visibility of women in the workplace, every year at Andamur we launch our #I’mATruckDriver campaign and carry out a series of actions in our service areas and social media.

In 2020, we had the opportunity to hear the story of three women truck drivers: Cruz, Vanessa and Luz. In this series of videos entitled Truck Drivers. They told us about their beginnings, the difficulties and situations they have experienced working as women, their passion for professional transport… Also, in 2021 we were able to learn about the perspective of their truck driving colleagues by telling us about their professional experience with them, the value of women in this sector and how they see the future of women in their profession..

This year, the main stars of the video are very different but still very important to them: they are the sons and daughters of the truck drivers telling us about the work that their mothers do. With this, we want to know how they see their mothers’ profession, how they value their work and how they feel when they start a new route or when they know they are coming home.

This week, our Service Areas have dressed up for the occasion. Also, truck drivers who refuel at our stations on 8th March will receive a gift, which has become something of a tradition. This time it is a sweatshirt with the campaign slogan.

These International Women’s Day initiatives are part of our CSR Plan #TakingCareOfWhatMatters, in which we are committed to making the daily lives of professional drivers easier. And this week we are focussing on women.

With the International Women’s Day campaign and our commitment to an inclusive and diverse corporate culture, at Andamur we are working and doing our bit to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 on Gender Equality established by the UN.