How to save fuel in your fleet of trucks

Fuelling the fleet of trucks has always been one of the biggest expenses for any transport company, and with the current instability in the energy market, it has become essential to control these costs to maintain profitability.

Having fuel-efficient trucks on the road makes the fleet more productive and profitable. By increasing the efficiency of fuel use, it also contributes to reducing the global carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and care for the environment. 

There are several factors that affect the fuel consumption of a truck and must be taken into account in order to save fuel. 

Keep reading to find out more: 

  • the characteristics of the vehicle. The size of the truck, the engine, and its age are all determining factors when measuring fuel consumption. The most appropriate for each journey should be selected, based on these factors and the load to be transported.  
  • The route of the journey. Exactly the same as in a car, fuel consumption is lower when driving on the motorway, than when driving on local A or B roads. 
  • The load to be transported and its weight. 
  • The driving style and speed. Did you know that by using cruise control and by braking correctly, you can considerably reduce fuel consumption? 

Although we have no control over some of these factors, there are some small recommendations to save fuel. We offer you some tips. Take note! 

  • Maintenance of the vehicle is essential. Regular vehicle inspections are also important for fuel savings. When your fleet of trucks is well-maintained, it works efficiently. This also avoids unwanted leaks. 
  • Tyres. The tyres of the vehicle should always be given special attention. It is said that over half of the consumption of a truck depends on the tyres, which is why it is so important to always keep them in optimal conditions and inflated to the correct pressure. 
    • Of vital importance: driving at a uniform speed, avoiding acceleration and braking. 
  • Anticipation. Drivers must be able to anticipate changes and manoeuvres to take advantage of the momentum of the vehicle. 
  • The load. It is important not to overload the vehicles with goods, and to distribute the load evenly in the vehicle. 

Also, remember that you must pay special attention to the safety of your fleet. Although it does not directly affect fuel savings, a safe fleet of trucks is always more efficient. 

As you can see, there are different ways to reduce the cost of fuel in your fleet of trucks as far as possible. Put these recommendations into practice and you will be able to reduce fuel consumption in your fleet. 

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