On November 4th in Andamur we held the virtual round table “Calculating the Carbon Footprint in the Transport Sector” with the participation of experts and leading companies to analyze the state of the sector in this area. Miguel Ángel López Sánchez, CEO of Andamur; May López Díaz, Director of Business Development for Sustainable Mobility; Manuel Labrador Jaime, Chief Auditor of Environmental Management Systems, C02 and Carbon Footprint Verifier of AENOR; Ramón Valdivia Palma, General Director of ASTIC; José María Chamizo Sánchez, Director of Alternative Energy Business Development of IVECO Spain and Gabriel Veiga Dopico, Director of Innovation of Andamur as moderator, participated in the round table.

During the meeting, interesting conclusions were reached about the Carbon Footprint and sustainable mobility. May Lopez Diaz, Director of Business Development for Sustainable Mobility, spoke in her speech about the importance of measurement and certification of emissions in the transport sector as the first necessary step for change, because “what is not measured can not be improved. He also spoke about the new trends in mobility brought about by the global pandemic that has forced companies and citizens to apply changes in areas such as technology, consumer habits and aspects related to collaboration and innovation.

Similarly, Manuel Labrador Jaime, Chief Auditor of Environmental Management Systems, Verifier of C02 and Carbon Footprints of AENOR, explained the importance of calculating the carbon footprint by companies, emphasizing the reputation it represents for these companies and the confidence they transmit when they carry it out. He also delved into the concrete consequences of the carbon footprint for the planet and what companies and organizations can do about it.

José María Chamizo Sánchez, Business Development Director of Alternative Energies of IVECO Spain focused his speech on talking about concrete solutions to the problem of the carbon footprint. He explained the European targets for reducing C02 emissions for heavy vehicles and presented four pillars needed for change: Development of a European regulation on sustainability, a sustainable refueling network, vehicle availability and competitive costs. He also spoke of the need to expand the natural gas station network throughout Europe with refueling points that include quality services for drivers equal to those available at a petrol station.

Finally, in his speech Ramón Valdivia Palma, Director General of ASTIC (International Road Transport Association), explained how the lack of competitiveness and added costs have a negative impact on the development of the transport sector and how the sustainability pursued by companies must be ecological, social and economic. He also conveyed how efforts are being made to reduce consumption in European trucks through the development of efficient vehicles, training in economical driving and cargo management, among others.

An event full of valuable information and interesting reflections that brought together 120 attendees around a topic as interesting as important. You can watch it again here.


Our work with the Carbon Footprint and commitment to sustainable mobility

The European Environment Agency (EEA), an agency of the European Union, notes that 13% of particulate pollutants in the 28 countries of the European Union come from road transport. This percentage may reach 27% in Spain. This situation should make us reflect as a sector and that is why we wanted to bring together professionals and companies to talk, learn and improve.

From Andamur we have been working for a long time in the line of sustainability as a key axis within our company through the CSR plan “We Take Care of What Matters”. Last June we became the first company in the sector to obtain the Carbon Footprint Certification, ISO 14064-1 Certificate of Quantification of Emissions and Removals of Greenhouse Gases granted by AENOR. This year we also inaugurated our first natural gas station in Guarromán (Jaen) next to Molgas and installed Endesa chargers in some of our stations. Next month we will inaugurate our second natural gas station in Andamur La Junquera and throughout 2021 we will put into operation the latest technology in Ultra-fast Chargers in Andamur La Junquera and Andamur Guarromán, which are added to those already active in Andamur San Román and Andamur Pamplona. In addition, we collaborate directly with our clients, offering them a free tool necessary to also achieve their own objectives, a statement of their refueling in Andamur that helps them calculate the scope 3 of their carbon footprint, thus helping them to achieve the objectives set by the European pact, calculating their environmental cost beyond the economic cost.

A whole way to continue contributing to the protection of the environment that should be everyone’s business.