El mercado de vehículos industriales continúa creciendo, especialmente en España

The transport sector is at its peak. And proof of this are the figures provided by ANIACAM (Spanish National Association of Car, Lorry, Bus and Motorbike Importers) that show that 2018 was a year of persistent growth in the commercial and industrial vehicle market. The number of registered vehicles increased up to 3.2% in the European market.

And while countries like Italy (-4.1%) and United Kingdom (-1.9%) reduced their demand, the Spanish market accounted for a more beneficial figure (+6.5%), as it was the case with Germany (+4.6%) and France (+4.9%). Thus, Spain becomes the main standard-bearer in a sector that once again has proved that it has a lot to offer.

And not only that, the beginning of the year has brought encouraging figures about. Although we were talking about a significant increase regarding the previous year, the month of January 2019 alone has revealed impressive data: the number of lorries registered in Spain has increased in 11.8%, accounting for a total amount of 2,542, to be more precise.

Moreover, of all commercial vehicles, those that have increased to a larger extent regarding the number of vehicles registered in the first month have been heavy goods vehicles of more than 16 tonnes. 2,152 units were registered, accounting for an increase of 12.2%.

These figures predict, indeed, a good year for the transport sector that continues aiming high. Data do not lie, and the fact that 2018 was the sixth consecutive year in which the number of commercial vehicles registered continued to grow proves that the sector is ready for whatever may come. There is no doubt that the future will bring new challenges to be faced by this sector. But it is clear that it is ready to confront them with no fear at all.