Claves para una conducción eficiente

The fact that drivers spend hours driving, even if it is their lifestyle and passion, can influence their health in a negative way. During long-lasting routes, drivers do not get enough or proper rest, and following a balanced diet might not be easy to achieve.

We are sharing some tips that will help you lead a healthy life while driving:

  • The first step is realising that bad habits have consequences for our health. Assuming this is essential to solve this situation. 
  • Eating healthy can be an easy task. It is very important to bear this sentence in mind in each route. Although in many occasions the pace of work is set by the route taken, it is essential to organise resting and eating times properly, and to include a diet rich in fruit and vegetables in this plan.
  • Wake up and have breakfast. As simple as that. Take your first meal as soon as your day starts. Breakfast is critical since it contributes significantly to your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. 
  • Eat fish and include fibre food in your diet. Regarding the former, it would be ideal to have from two to four servings of blue or white fish per week. You are recommended to choose food of plant origin rich in fibre and to consume about 25 grams a day. Your body will be most grateful.
  • Salt, in the salt cellar. You are recommended not to consume more than 5 grams a day, since an excessive consumption can cause heart and circulation problems.
  • Maintain an adequate body weight and reduce the intake of fat. It has been proved that an increase in body weight is related to chronic and cardiovascular diseases. In order to prevent this, you should work out whenever you can and try to follow the tips provided.