Consejos para la fiabilidad de tu camión en verano

Summer is here and with it the temperatures start to rise, so it is time for you to check that your truck is in perfect condition. High temperatures not only have a negative effect on vehicle maintenance, but they also undermine the driver’s capability. Thus, you ought to be well-rested before your journey begins and to keep yourself hydrated and protected from the sun while driving. You are also recommended to use cool cotton clothing.

Apart from special recommendations for drivers, these are tips for your truck to be 100% ready to deal with high temperatures:


  • Check the tires and their components. Since this is an essential element of any vehicle, it is recommended that you check your tires and their components on a regular basis. It is very important that you inspect the wheel bearings, hubs and rims, since high temperatures make rubber wear off.
  • Check the state of the brakes. High temperatures may cause important damage to the braking system, so you need to take a series of precautionary measures depending on the type of braking system: If you have air brakes, you need to check the air compressor pressure, and how moisture separators and dryers work. If you have friction brakes, you need to check the disc brakes and the drum brakes. In the event there is a failure in the braking system, you should use retarders and engine brake. On deep slopes there are usually emergency braking areas where you can stop the truck; these shall be accessed by vehicles in a straight position and with drivers holding the steering wheel firmly.
  • Test the cooling system and the water pump. Checking the air conditioning is essential for the temperature inside the truck to be pleasant; therefore, you should check the batteries and the fan belts, and clean the heater extremely carefully not to damage the fan blades. Pay special attention to cooling hoses, they commonly burst with the heat, replacing them is the best option if you think they are worn out. One of the main failures involves the water pump, so if you feel that cooling liquid is leaking or you hear noises when starting the engine, you should have it repaired as soon as possible.


And to make sure that your truck is working at full power, you should check oil filters and oil change, as well as the condition of windscreen wipers, headlights and lamps. Remember that your safety is everybody’s safety. Have a nice journey!