Why driving and stress are a bad combination

The lorry, your loyal travelling companion who travels with you for thousands and thousands of miles, is sometimes the first one to be affected by your state of mind. Because this is directly related to the way you drive. Stress is the main cause of physical and emotional strain on industrial vehicle drivers. 

According to available data, 76% of drivers are stressed out while driving. A significantly high percentage that triggers situations of risk and that causes impulsiveness, impatience and even aggressiveness on the driver while driving. And the worst thing is that stress makes you have a lower risk perception.

Regardless of the reason of your stress, we help you reduce it following a series of tips:

  • Healthy lifestyle. Be aware of the importance of having a good diet, resting for the necessary hours and avoiding the road when necessary. It may sound like a cliché, but health comes first. 
  • Plan your routine in advance. It is essential to be flexible with your schedule and not to stick to a timeline in a very strict way, since unexpected circumstances may arise and cause stress. You have to accept that there might be setbacks and you need to adapt to them. 
  • Prioritise your aims. You need to identify the most important parts of your routine and set yourself objectives to carry them out. Embrace your daily plan and follow it in an organised way, this will help you reduce your stress level.
  • Music, your best ally. Enjoy your favourite songs while driving; these have a strong power over your state of mind.

Having a good state of mind and getting rid of stress in your routine will enable you, your family and your loyal travelling companion to feel more relaxed.