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Andamur offers free fruit corners at its service stations

Following the launching of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, which aims at providing added value to and taking good care of drivers, we have started the month of February with specific actions to help lorry drivers follow a healthy diet. In addition to posting nutritional tips on our social media profiles, these actions also […]

Cabin systems to improve lorry drivers’ rest

In spite of the fact that lorry drivers spend hours and hours driving, sometimes they do not enjoy the best resting conditions. But innovation in this sector is starting to speed up and a growing number of cabins offer multiple advantages for professional drivers to feel at home. Aware of the importance of looking after […]

Challenges for the transport sector in 2019

The transport sector is going through a good time. Although it represents 2.9% of the national GDP, 2018 finished with a promising growth figure: the world freight transport market grew 4.1%. The new consumption models are demanding that we adapt to the new needs of international trade, to a larger stock rotation and an increase […]

Andamur introduces two new service stations associated to its Spanish network in Villanueva del Rey (Seville) and Beneixida (Valencia)

Andamur continues working to fulfil its commitment to growth by offering its customers new stations. For this reason, as of today, our users have two more associated stations in strategic locations in order to improve and continue fostering professional transport.  These two new stations are located in Villanueva del Rey (Seville) and Beneixida (Valencia). The […]

Why driving and stress are a bad combination

The lorry, your loyal travelling companion who travels with you for thousands and thousands of miles, is sometimes the first one to be affected by your state of mind. Because this is directly related to the way you drive. Stress is the main cause of physical and emotional strain on industrial vehicle drivers.  According to […]

Tips for driving in bad weather

We’re gradually getting to the colder months. This means there can be rain, snow and fog, something directly related to road condition and to the way we should drive. Even if you’re an experienced driver, you should always remember the following tips when driving your lorry in bad weather: Caution on wet roads. The rain […]

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Andamur presents the first gym in a service area

Yesterday we officially opened up a gym in our Andamur Service Area of La Junquera, which has become the first station with this offer in the whole country. These new facilities are a clear example of the commitment we have acquired to make drivers’ lives healthier. It is an important improvement in our service proposal […]