The transport sector is one of the most exposed and necessary during this crisis and hygiene and disinfection are vital for the safety of the driver.

First of all, we must know the difference between cleaning and disinfection, both of which are necessary and complementary. Cleaning helps with the elimination of germs, but does not mean their complete elimination, but focuses more on getting rid of visible dirt. On the other hand, disinfection, due to the type of products used, does allow for the elimination of any type of fungus, germ or virus, although it does not necessarily eliminate visible dirt.

Thus, when it comes to disinfecting the truck, it is not enough to clean it as usual, but after a thorough cleaning, a good disinfection must be carried out with specific products (alcohol, bleach, special cleaners) with special concentration on the steering wheel, the gear lever, the interior handles to open the doors, the coasters, the seat belts and the controls on the steering wheel, audios and screens. These are the parts of the truck with which you interact the most and therefore the most bacteria can be contained.

In addition, you must bear in mind that when you clean your cabin, you will find different surfaces and it will not be possible to use the same product for all of them if you do not want to end up damaging them. Microfiber towels, brushes, cleaners, disinfectants are some of the materials needed to carry out a successful disinfection. However, always using the necessary protection to avoid burning your skin or inhaling chemicals.

To go deeper, we share with you this video from Ammo NYC in which they show us how to carry out the disinfection process of our vehicle.