With 43 service stations across Spain, Andamur continues to position itself as a brand in full expansion, equipped to offer the best services on routes to Europe.

From tomorrow, Wednesday 10 February, Andamur has a new station in Barcelona’s Zona Franca. With this new station, Andamur now has two partner stations in this prime location between Barcelona’s port and airport.

The GM Fuel-branded service station, Servei Carrer 3, is located on road 29 of BZ 50-62 (Sector BZ) and offers a wide range of services for carrier, including Diesel A and AdBlue, 24h service (staffed from 5 am to 10 pm), restaurant, café, supermarket, laundry, showers, shop, toilets and self-service.

A safe bet to ensure that Andamur continues to be your ally on the road in 2021.