The tyre is the only component of the vehicle in contact with the ground, being normally subjected to aggressive treatments. A key factor for the safety of users and of the goods we transport, you must optimize the inflation pressure to ensure a safe transport, saving fuel and increasing the tires life of your truck.


The tire pressure of your heavy vehicles also influences the consumption of fuel, so the pressures must always be adapted to the load and the type of use.


Regularly checks the tyres of your truck for possible damage. With the passage of time, the tire loses in a natural way the pressure, but its useful life might become also decreased by factors such as punctures, or a visible deformation in the tread, the sides or in the mortaring zone, as well as any type of deformation on the wheel rim.

In all regular controls you must also check the condition of the valve cap, replacing it if necessary.


Likewise, you must change the covers if show damage related to:


  • Deformed Guide
  • Separation of the layers
  • Deterioration by fatty or corrosive element
  • Marbled rubbers due to a shot with insufficient pressure in relation to the load


Factors that influence the life of the tyres

The tyres are composed of different types of materials and components based on the rubber, whose properties are essential for the proper functioning of the tire itself. These properties evolve with the passage of time, depending on its durability on factors such as:

Weather conditions

Storage Conditions: temperature, humidity and position.

Conditions of Use: type of load, driving habits, the inflation pressure or the state of the roads.

Balanced: A balanced tyre helps to prevent premature wear on the tires.


We must bear in mind that these factors, by themselves, do not allow us to know exactly the tire life, so in addition to the usual checks made by the user; it is recommended to perform regular checks on the tires by a qualified professional. These checks must be carried out at least once a year.

Proper tire maintenance is synonymous with safety and efficiency; in addition, you will increase its durability, improving profitability for your business.