Given the current critical situation in Ukraine, we at Andamur wanted to do our bit and help in any way we could to improve the situation and ensure things reach their destination as soon as possible.

We have therefore participated in several initiatives to cover the cost of fuel for five lorries travelling to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

First of all, we wanted to contribute to the initiative of the University of Murcia (UMU) involving two lorries full of charitable donations.

The project was initiated by Ukrainian students at the UMU with the aim of delivering 24,000 kilos of material donations in each lorry to the border between Poland and Ukraine for the Ukrainian population. The lorries contain clothes, blankets, baby products, non-perishable food and sanitary material donated by UMU students and staff.

Secondly, in conjunction with the Segura Food Bank and the Association of Ukrainians of the Region of Murcia, we have participated in an initiative that has sent two more lorries to the Polish-Ukrainian border, each carrying between 20,000 and 25,000 kilos of food and basic necessities.

Finally, the fifth lorry has set out on its journey thanks to an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca, to which many citizens, companies and entities in the area have contributed to ensure that this charity convoy reaches those who need it most.


Andamur engages with these kinds of initiatives as part of our CSR plan #CuidamosLoLoQueImporta (We Protect What Matters to Us), under the Leadership and Future strand which includes Social Commitment. This plan sees us working on specific actions throughout the year and in exceptional situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic and now with the serious situation in Ukraine.