In Andamur, we have gained the ISO: 27001 Standard Certificate: Information Security Management System, becoming leaders in security in the country. This certificate grants the confidentiality, integrity and availability in the client’s data usage. Thus, we prove our capability to verify and manage risks and our line of commitment in one of the main assets that companies can have these days, information.

This certification benefits our clients in matters of data protection and transaction guarantee, issues of great importance in a field such as transportation. The ISO:27001 demonstrates that in Andamur we are worthy of our client’s trust and we confirm our full commitment to the safety of our transactions. It also positions Aircode as the best anti-fraud system in Europe since it is the only one recognise by AENOR.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming Ángel Luis Sánchez Cerón, Mediterranean Manager of AENOR, in Andamur who has delivered us this recognition as he did with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate that we also got last december. 

In this manner, Andamur has become the first and only company in the transportation business in gaining this certificate and so, we situate in the European avant-garde in the information security and management field. Nonetheless, we know that we can always improve and, for this reason, we have initiated an Integrated Management System (IMS) with the purpose of obtaining this 2020 the next certifications: ISO 14001 Environmental Management 14064/1 Carbon Footprint Certificate and ISO 45001 Work Security and Health Management.