>> In cooperation with the University of Murcia CSR Department, Andamur has completed a full structure cycle in the form of a materiality assessment, CSR Plan and statement via this report.

Andamur has presented its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020 in cooperation with the Murcia CSR Department. The report outlines the company’s commitment, actions and achievements over the last two years resulting from the implementation of its #TakingCareOfWhatMatters CSR Plan, centred on five areas of activity: People; Taking Care of Drivers; The Environment; Corporate Governance; and Leadership and Future.

The report also sets out Andamur’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, viewing them as an opportunity – a way of conducting our business activities in a more responsible way.

For Andamur, the presentation of this report isn’t just another activity – it’s a cause for celebration. Accordingly, on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 July, head office started the day filled with colourful balloons, corresponding to the colours of the 17 SDGs.

In addition to the Andamur family, representatives of the University of Murcia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department attended the presentation event: Ana Jimenez- Alfaro, researcher and lecturer in the University of Murcia CSR Department and CSR and equality coordinator at BNFIX; Roberto Fuentes, the CSR Department’s head of communication and researcher; and Longinos Marín, the University of Murcia vice chancellor for social responsibility and transparency, and director of the CSR Department, who also spoke about the importance of CSR in businesses, and its relationship with the SDGs.


In the words of Longinus Marín: “Andamur has completed a cycle: it has undertaken a materiality assessment that consists of determining the aspects we must work on in the future; it has drawn up a CSR Plan for the future; and thirdly, it has produced a document that summarises everything it’s working on. It’s a very complete cycle – very few businesses in the Region of Murcia have done everything”

For his part, Andamur CEO Miguel Ángel López highlighted his family’s stance on CSR: “For us, CSR is something that’s in our blood – my parents and siblings have been doing it for 34 years in the company. Social responsibility is nothing more than what they’ve always told us we must do, setting the example. Helping in our environment, being dependable, being responsible and doing right by all our stakeholders


Staff had a chance to play a game in which they could demonstrate their knowledge of Andamur’s activities within the CSR framework and their relationship to the SDGs. There were four winners, their prize a €500 donation to a charity of their choice. A total of €2,000 will be donated to the 4 initiatives chosen by the winners of the workshops: Fundación Theodora, Astrade,Apandis and 9 Vidas Berian.


Finally, Andamur has created a CSR page on its website where you can download or view the report, find out about its CSR activities and watch a video of the presentation event:  https://www.andamur.com/en/corporate-social-responsibility/