Andamur presenta un Menú Saludable en todos sus restaurantes dentro del plan de RSC #CuidamosLoQueImporta

As of today, all of Andamur service stations will offer healthy menus in their restaurants in order to look after drivers’ diets. All of them have been studied and prepared by a nutritionist expert in the matter so that drivers are offered more complete and healthier options. From today, 1 March, the new menus are available in all of Andamur service stations that have a restaurant, together with their usual menus, and they will be different in each of the restaurants.

At Andamur, we are aware of how difficult is it for drivers to have a healthy life. They spend many hours driving their trucks, sometimes at night time and for long periods of time, so we think it is very important to provide them with this type of services. By offering them the possibility to follow a balanced diet, we try to promote healthier habits in their routes.

This action is included in the Corporate Social Responsibility plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters and places drivers at the core in order to look after them and their working environment. This is another action aiming at making drivers’ daily routine easier and it adds up to the initiatives recently launched by the Andamur team. These initiatives always focus on drivers’ health, such as the opening of a gym at Andamur La Junquera or the provision of free fruit corners in its service stations.

All these actions seek to achieve the same aim: to continue making drivers’ lives easier on the road. Drivers will not have to worry about the calories consumed in their route, since Andamur offers balanced diets safeguarding their health with this new action. This important improvement in the service proposal offered aims at making drivers feel at home in the Andamur service areas.