Yesterday we officially opened up a gym in our Andamur Service Area of La Junquera, which has become the first station with this offer in the whole country.

These new facilities are a clear example of the commitment we have acquired to make drivers’ lives healthier. It is an important improvement in our service proposal aiming to make them feel at home.

A group of Andamur workers opened up the facilities of the new gym yesterday and the event was attended by the athlete Rubén Morán and Andamur CEO, Miguel Ángel López.

To quote the athlete and creator of Farinato Race, Rubén Morán, who has been linked to the transport world for many years: “I think what Andamur is doing for drivers is very positive, offering them the possibility of working out in a gym in its own Service Area is not only new and innovative, but also proves Andamur’s concern for lorry drivers”.

For his part, Miguel Ángel López, Andamur CEO, considers that opening up this new service is: “A first step within a set of actions we are carrying out to help drivers have a healthier life and be able to make the most of the time they spend in our service areas”.

By opening up these facilities, Andamur has started the campaign Your effort multiplies by 3. Until 21 December, at Andamur we commit ourselves to multiplying by 3 the effort of our customers with two aims: to foster exercising among drivers and to carry out a social action. Thus, for every person entering the gym at Andamur La Junquera, we donate 3 kg of food to a food bank. To take part in this campaign, drivers will only have to use their fuelling or security car park receipt to access the gym facilities free of charge. A scoreboard will keep track of the number of people entering the gym that will be multiplied by 3 to obtain the number of kg that Andamur will donate at the end of the campaign.

It is worth highlighting that this action is included within Andamur’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme #WeLookAfterWhatMatters with which we wish to value and take good care of drivers, enabling them to work out, follow a healthy diet, enjoy ergonomics when driving, rest or have a good time. This CSR programme also intends to be a way of giving back to society what it contributes to us as a company, and this way collaborate in social or environmental actions.