Andamur ofrece corners de fruta gratuitos en sus estaciones de servicio dentro de su campaña #CuidamosLoQueImporta

Following the launching of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan #WeLookAfterWhatMatters, which aims at providing added value to and taking good care of drivers, we have started the month of February with specific actions to help lorry drivers follow a healthy diet. In addition to posting nutritional tips on our social media profiles, these actions also involve offering our customers fruit corners for free in all our service stations from today until the 1st of March.  

With this action, which is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility plan, we wish to challenge a problem that lorry drivers usually encounter: following a healthy diet while driving. If we add this to the number of hours that drivers spend sitting while working, the result is that there are many health problems that can affect their health. With this plan, we wish to fight against overweight, cholesterol or cardiovascular problems.

With #WeLookAfterWhatMatters we intend to take care of drivers enabling them to work out, get some rest, have a good time, follow a healthy diet and focus on driving ergonomics. This is the second special action of this campaign following the opening of the Andamur La Junquera gym, and in the months to come we will continue carrying out new actions with the same aim in mind. Stay alert!