With the Ozone Generator service, our clients can disinfect their truck cab or car in just 10 minutes, in any of our own service areas

Our customers can already disinfect their truck or car cab with the Ozone Generator Service available in our six Service Areas. This generator provides complete disinfection of truck cabs and private vehicles in just 10 minutes, through the generation of ozone that serves to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pollutants present in walls, floors, ceilings and fabrics of the cabin.

A free service with which we continue by the side of the truckers, facilitating the day to day of their routes in these complicated moments in which, in addition, they are so necessary. This service is also available for our car customers, presenting their BonusCard.

One more action that is part of our CSR Plan “Cuidamos lo que Importa” (We care about what matters) in which we want to pay special attention to the care of the driver.

This protection measure, moreover, joins all those implemented since the beginning of the alarm state, in order to offer the best of services by adapting to the established health and safety requirements:

– We have adapted our food/catering services to make them compatible with the legislation that, during this situation, prevents the opening of restaurants.

– In the same way, we have adapted our own stores with screens and other protective elements, so that our customers can do their shopping comfortably and safely.

– On the other hand, we have made available to our customers a total of 20,000 masks and 11,000 hydroalcoholic gels in our Service Areas.

– We have also donated 9,600 masks to the various reference hospitals in the communities where our Service Areas are located

– Finally, we offer a free washing service for emergency, safety and sanitary vehicles in our washing facilities in Andamur Lorca and Andamur Guarromán

In Andamur we are sure that together we will come out ahead. Because now more than ever #EveryTripMatters