For the last three years, every 8 March, Andamur has worked to highlight the role of female truck drivers under the motto ‘Strong, Capable, Truckers: WOMEN’.

For years, the professional transport industry was seen as a domain for men, in which there was no role for women. But according to European Commission figures in the Women in Transport-EU Platform for Change, 22% of transport professionals in Europe are women. This may seem like a small percentage, but more and more women are choosing to become professional drivers and fighting to overcome gender barriers.

As a company, Andamur is committed to an inclusive and diverse corporate culture. Currently, 64% of Andamur staff are women, involved at all levels of the organisation.

This commitment to equality and the visibility of women in the workplace is the starting point for our campaign, in which we share and promote our values with all our customers and with women truck drivers in particular every 8 March.

Andamur and International Women’s Day

At Andamur, each year we launch a Women’s Day campaign involving a number of initiatives at our service areas and on our social media. Last year we met three female truckers who shared their story with us: how they started out, why they like trucking and the difficulties or situations they’ve experienced as women. With this series of videos entitled Trucker Women, we were able to hear the stories of Cruz Fuentes, Vanessa Almagro and Luz Seller.

This year our campaign takes a 180-degree turn by choosing another perspective to give visibility to women: through the eyes of their male colleagues. This time it was male drivers who told us about their professional experience with the women, the courage and professionalism of female truckers, some anecdotes from their daily life and how they see the future of women in the transport profession.

To close the campaign, all the women truck drivers who visit an Andamur service area on 8 March will receive a waistcoat sporting the campaign slogan and the hashtag #SoyCamionera (#IAmAFemaleTrucker).

These initiatives for International Women’s Day are part of our CSR Plan Taking Care of What Matters, within the focus on driver care with which we aim to improve the day-to-day life of those who devote their lives to the road. And this week we focus on women.

With the International Women’s Day campaign and our commitment to an inclusive and diverse corporate culture, at Andamur we’re doing out bit to reach the UN’s SDG 5 Gender Equality.