Fully aware of the importance of providing our users with the best services while they travel by road, we have carried out an integrated renovation process in the shower and toilet facilities at Andamur Guarromán and La Junquera service areas. These facilities are very much frequented, so with these alterations we want to optimise our clients’ experience as much as we can.

With this project we aim to provide road users with a much newer, larger and comfortable area which adapts to their needs as much as possible. In this renovation process we have increased the number of available showers and we have remodelled all facilities to offer a completely new shower and toilet area. In addition, at the Andamur Guarromán facilities, we have included a new exclusive zone for our female customers with an independent shower for women.

The construction of these new facilities shows our firm commitment to offering drivers all the services they may need throughout their route enabling them to take a break, eat, wash themselves, wash their clothes, have their security guaranteed, etc. This means an important improvement in our service proposal that we keep improving on a daily basis