In Andamur we keep moving forward in our commitment to promote sports and the local communities we work with. For this reason, from this year 2020 we are sponsors of different sport teams that are close to each of our service stations.

Andamur La Junquera: U.E La Jonquera

Andmur Lorca:  Lorca Féminas  A.D

Andamur El Límite: Huércal Overa C.F

Andamur Guarromán: CD Iberos Rugby Linares 

Andamur Pamplona: Basket Navarra Club

Andamur San Román: Agurain Kirol Elkartea S.D Salvatierra

In this sense, Andamur is doing several actions in order to foster sports such as our Drivers care plan that wants to promote a healthy lifestyle among professional drivers. We do it by offering healthy food menus in all our restaurants and a gym in our Andamur La Junquera station.

All these actions show our line of social commitment and are incorporated in our SCR program We take care of what Matters. A plan that focuses on five major issues based on the main Social Responsibility rules and standards and an active listening of our groups of interest: ethics, transparency and communication, social commitment, people, environment and drivers care.