Andamur opens borders; it grows both its stations network and the services provision of to the professional companies of road transport. In addition, increases in the volume of business and number of workers.

The company is facing a new stage in which continues its strategy of expansion and business growth, in this respect, the creation of this new body of corporate governance also implies, changes in the organizational structure of Andamur.

On the one hand, Mr. Juan Carlos López becomes leading this new stage as Chairman of the Board of Directors. For his part, Mr. Miguel Ángel López is facing the General Management of the company as Executive Director. Furthermore, the Board of Directors shall be composed of the entire family owner and the External Advisor Mr. Francisco José Sánchez-Montesinos García.

It should be noted that this External Director holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences by the Granada University (UGR). Currently develops, on one side his activity as a teacher and researcher in different educational institutions such as ESIC, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and UGR. On the other hand, he combines teaching with the performance of the post of external Director in several companies of different industries. Throughout his professional career he has held top management positions in strategic sectors.

In order to communicate to their employees for the establishment of its new Board of Directors, the company organized  an Internal Communication day, in which the team was able to gain first-hand knowledge of both the organizational changes how the strategic objectives of the Company for 2018.

The event culminated with an experiential outdoor formation of Team Building, in which the Andamur team actively participated in various activities promoting values and core competencies in the business environment such as communication, team work, cohesion and the pride of belonging.