Andamur Celebrates Saint Christopher, the Patron Saint of Drivers, with Special Actions for Them

“We are raffling a complete cabin customization with accessories to care for drivers’ posture and well-being while driving.”

At Andamur, we have been taking care of every driver who starts their journey with us for over 35 years. We are aware that there are a series of essential aspects to help them maintain their health and well-being as drivers, helping them face the challenges of their profession and thus improving their quality of life.

Facilitating their access to sports, a healthy diet, promoting their ergonomics while driving, and encouraging their rest or enjoyment during stops on their long routes is an essential line of work for Andamur. Proof of this is our network of sports facilities, which already included a gym at Andamur La Junquera and to which we have recently added a new gym and a bike loan service at Andamur San Román. All these facilities are free to use for our customers.

Special Raffle to Celebrate Saint Christopher  Day

At Andamur, we know that the Feast of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of drivers celebrated every July 10th, is an important date for all of them, which is why we carry out exclusive actions for them.

We are organizing the “Fall in Love with Your Cabin” raffle, in which all participating drivers can give their truck a unique and special touch.

The prize consists of a cabin customization for the truck and accessories to care for posture and well-being while driving. This raffle will be active from July 8th to 14th in our Service Areas.

The pack includes a series of cabin customization items designed by Laura Araque: complete curtains, complete duvet, seat covers, motor tunnel with rugs, moon blind, belts, cushion, door towel, reflective vest.

Other accessories: cabin mattress, pillow, inflatable lumbar support, leather glove, ergonomic lumbar cushion, orthopedic lumbar support, Wintrucker brand clogs, and steering wheel cover.

More Information About the Raffle Here:

From Andamur, we wish a Happy Saint Christopher’s Day to all drivers and good luck to all participants in our raffle!