On 20th November, on World Children’s Day, we held “Breakfast with a Smile”, a solidarity initiative in which Andamur provided its service areas and business centre teams with coffee and fresh fruit for breakfast. In return, Andamur employees were encouraged to make a voluntary donation to charity.

The NGO to which the donation was made was chosen last year by the Andamur work centre that raised the most money in last year’s solidarity action: the Andamur San Román Service Area (Álava). Andamur set out to double the amount raised by its staff. So, today we have donated €1,200 to ASPANAFOA, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of Álava.

The donation ceremony was attended by the Association’s President, Mikel García, and the Andamur San Román team, representing all the company’s workers.

ASPANAFOA is a non-profit association founded in 1990 whose main objective is to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families. Furthermore, it strives to raise awareness about childhood cancer; foster associative movement; inform, guide and advise on childhood cancer, foster and support scientific research; and coordinate with all entities to overcome social barriers that hinder the personal and social development of children with cancer and their families.

Through this initiative, which is part of the CSR Plan, #WeLookAfterWhatIsImportant, Andamur shows its commitment to society and organisations that work day in, day out, for social welfare while fostering the achievement of the End Poverty in all forms and dimensions goal within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).