35 years ago, the Andamur Family started providing hauliers with everything they needed while driving around Europe.

This year, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary. 35 years in which commitment, complicity and improvement have been constant in every step of Andamur’s journey. A journey we set off on in 1987 and in which we have undertaken to ensure the safety and well-being of hauliers at every turn, at every stop.

To celebrate these 35 years, throughout 2022 we’ll share a total of 35 reasons to place your trust in Andamur in video format. This year, we’ll be giving a voice to everyone that accompanies us on this special journey. Founders, customers, partners, employees, associations, etc.…

Our history

Our journey got underway in 1987 with the El Límite Service Area in Huércal-Overa (Almería) opened by Mª Dolores  Sánchez  and  Fulgencio  López, together with their son Juan Carlos López.

In 1996, we expanded to La Junquera (Catalonia), setting up what is now believed to be the most strategic enclave on international road transport routes with a wide range of services such as secure parking, supermarket, showers and even the first Service Area to have a gym. Here we created a real ‘home away from home’ for professionals of all nationalities and cultures.

Around the same time, we launched the Andamur Card: the first private bank card for professional hauliers.

Slowly but surely, the Andamur brand branched out to other strategic national and international locations, with the aim of providing the best service and accompanying our customers on their journeys. Currently, our network has more than 700 service stations in 9 European countries.

As a company, our secret is to remember where we came from by holding onto the values and essence of our origins.

At Andamur, we recognise how tough road transport can be and demonstrate this every time a driver refuels, buys a product or uses one of our services. We have one purpose in mind: to make our drivers feel at home at Andamur.

We’ve recently opened Andamur La Junquera – Llers, the largest Service Area for lorries in Europe where hauliers can make the most of their time. It has 36 multi-product lanes with 6 hoses so several lorries can refuel with different products at the same time which, in turn, cuts down on waiting and refuelling times.

At Andamur, Every Trip Matters and, over the course of the last 35 years, there have been many reasons that have united us with those who accompany us day after day along the way.


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