Fuel cards, also known as fleet cards, are payment cards that work as credit cards and have a secure system to monitor the expenses of drivers along their routes. Many of them also offer discounts.

Analizamos todas las ventajas de las tarjetas de combustible Andamur



At Andamur we have 6 types of cards that make daily operations easier both for drivers and employers. Our cards are designed to prevent potential fraud, since they have a PIN-based payment system, credit restrictions and they can be immediately cancelled if required for enhanced security and control. Each card is linked to a vehicle and a driver, so costs related to payment of fuel, Adblue and Andamur security car parks are managed in a secure and controlled way. Some of our cards also enable you to have thorough purchase control with detailed invoices by license plate. They are all free and have no monthly fees.


We will now tell you what the  Andamur fuel cards are like, how they work and what advantages they offer:


Andamur ProEurope and ProEurope Cash Card

  • This card enables refuelling in more than 650 service stations across Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland and Belgium
  • There are two payment methods: payment on credit by bank draft or by means of online recharging
  • It makes it easier to recover VAT for purchases made while travelling
  • It enables you to request the Spanish Tax Agency bonus on commercial diesel across the Spanish territory



Andamur Eurogas Card

  • It allows the selection of customised conditions according to each fleet
  • It offers discounts in fuel
  • Its use enables the commercial diesel statement of supplies in Spain
  • You can request it at a Cajamar office or at Andamur
  • Simple payment through bank draft
  • Valid throughout the Andamur stations


Andamur Probon Card

  • To be exclusively used for red Diesel
  • Simple payment through bank draft
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Valid in all Andamur petrol stations and in the selected associated ones


Andamur Mastercard

  • Availability of cash in any cash dispenser
  • No formalities, risks or bank account involved
  • No fees in terms of issuance, maintenance, recharging or payment
  • Valid for payment wherever MasterCard is accepted


Andamur Discount

  • Cash payment
  • It offers direct discounts in fuel
  • Invoice valid from a fiscal point of view
  • Valid in all of Andamur stations