Refuelling and contributing to the improvement of the environment is possible! At Andamur we are committed to this idea, so we are celebrating Environment Day with the “A tree for a tank” campaign. For each vehicle refuelled in our Station Network on Sunday 5th June, we will plant a new tree in the Andamur Forest. This action is part of our CSR Plan #CareForWhatMatters, one of the focuses of which is to ensure the protection of the environment. Protecting the environment is everyone’s business; and the benefits of the Andamur Forest demonstrate that every step we take counts.


At Andamur we want to continue doing our bit to ensure the best future for our planet and making our contribution to achieving the sustainable development goals, in particular SDG 13 ‘Climate Action’ and 15 ‘Life on Land’. The trees will be planted at the end of this year and into the beginning of 2023, coinciding with the regular annual planting that the Andamur team has now been carrying out for several years. We will also be adding new locations.


We want to improve the relationship with our stakeholders wherever we operate, so we will be extending the Andamur Forest to all the provinces where our service areas are located: Gerona, Jaén, and Navarra.


In these new plantation areas, the Andamur team from the closest Service Areas such as Andamur La Junquera and Andamur La Junquera-Llers (Gerona), Andamur Guarromán (Jaén), Andamur Pamplona (Navarra,) and Andamur San Román (Álava) will play an important role in helping with the plantation, as has been the case with our colleagues from Andamur El Limite (Almería), and Andamur Lorca (Murcia), together with the colleagues from our headquarters in the Lorca district of Zarzadilla de Totana.


This primeval Andamur Forest has been developed over the last 5 years by the Bosqueo2 Association on the Alagüeces estate, located in the Lorca district of Zarzadilla de Totana in Murcia. Over this time, the Andamur team have planted a total of 1,250 trees of native species, playing an exemplary role by sponsoring the trees to discover the enormous value that they provide to the environment we inhabit. Specifically, this forest:


  • Will absorb 50 tons of CO2 per year in the medium term to offset emissions and to improve our carbon footprint.
  • Will combat the desertification of the area thanks to the planting of tree and shrub species that will protect and generate soil.
  • Benefits the biodiversity of the environment due to the variety of species planted.
  • Increases the presence of fauna, through the planting of valuable species such as wild olive, buckthorn, blackthorn, and lentisk.
  • Promotes greater availability of food for wildlife.
  • Generates seeds that can spread naturally and expand their presence in the immediate environment.
  • Provides more resistance and regeneration capacity in future episodes of drought, pests, or fires.


The Andamur forest is prepared to face the climate change that threatens us, and the reforestation has been carried out with stringent rigor and monitoring. Anti-wildlife protection and emergency irrigation has been installed, and the species have been carefully chosen, in order to introduce the greatest number of trees in a complex semi-arid environment where drought is common.


Contributing to the care, balance, and respect for the environment makes us the best version of ourselves, so at Andamur we have also decided to involve our clients in the project, helping them to contribute to the reduction and compensation of CO2.


To continue to promote environmental good practice, we remind you of our “Environmental best practice manual”, where we help you to save on water, electricity, and fuel… actions that benefit both the planet and your pocket. Together we will improve the environment!